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“His personality is amazing; he thinks he is a dog. He greets people at the door. I taught him to play fetch, and hide and seek. He chirps loudly at birds and isn’t scared of the neighborhood cats peeking in the windows. He has the potential as a mouser, too; thankfully, I don’t have them, but his skills seem to be well honed. He is a purring machine and has a huge obsession with one of my microfiber throw blankets… kneads that thing for hours…lol. Feel free to use the pics on your website!”


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“Just wanted to thank you for such a GREAT kitten! She is so beautiful and so cute and just has the best personality. We couldn’t have asked for a better kitten. Thank you!!!

Her markings are gorgeous and are becoming quite spectacular. She is getting along well with our other kitten. They have great fun playing together.”


spnl2“This is Don Brown, and I thought you might want to see a couple of pictures of your girls we picked up roughly five weeks ago. That would make them about 12.5 weeks old in these pictures.”