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Purebred cats are the fastest growing segment of the pet population. Please keep reading to find out why we think the Ragdoll is the ideal pet!

The Ragdoll Cat was invented in the early 1960s by Ann Baker of California.  Combining the best of three known breeds–Persians, Bermans, and Burmese. Only the most docile and loving cats are bred to produce outgoing , affectionate kittens with puppy like temperments.

Ragdoll Kitten and Girl

Our Ragdolls are also bred for low shedding , plush, silky fur with less allergens than other cat breeds.  Their their body color is white or cream with seal, blue or lilac points.

Our cats are kept in small , stable groups . In this homey environment they are part of our family and  our kittens are socialized daily to other cats, dogs, and children to ensure they will fit well into any situation. To assure the health of our kittens, all cats are checked daily by a licensed, experienced small animal veterinarian

 All of our breeding cats  are screened regularly for kidney disease, Felv, FIV and internal or external parasites. They are also checked for the HCM gene mutation . Everything possible or recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association or the Association of Feline Practitioners is done to ensure you a happy and healthy pet. Of course, a full written warranty is provided.

We do everything possible to make our cats the best pet you will ever have!

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