Are Ragdolls hypoallergenic?

christmas4weeks 002Allergies to cats generally don’t come from the cat’s hair itself, but from a protein in saliva and other secretions called Fel d1. Several companies are in the process of trying to genetically engineer this protein out of their cats. There are other similar allergens that may play a part in allergic reactions which would still be present.

No cat at this time is 100% hypoallergenic. Steps such as keeping the cat out of the bedroom and regular grooming will help. That said, I have sold lots of cats to people with allergies, and they have done just fine! If you would like to visit Jennifer and her cats or try out some Ragdoll hair, please let us know.

Do Ragdolls shed?

Every animal with fur sheds, but Ragdolls only have one layer of long-guard hairs, which cuts down significantly on their shedding. Their soft, silky fur is also much less prone to matting and is very easy to maintain.

Do Ragdolls go limp when picked up?

422 017Over the last 15 years, one of my favorite things to tell novice Ragdoll owners has always been that in my opinion Ragdolls are the best breed of cat, but they are still cats.

They are friendly and have great coats, but the rest depends on what you teach them to do. If you want your kitten to be a lap cat, you need to teach him that your lap is a great place to be. If you want her to get used to being carried around, then reward her when she is calm and quiet after being held. They are very smart cats and are easily taught whatever you want them to learn. Using an extra tasty treat like Gerber minced chicken helps a lot too.

Are males or females better?

In all breeds of cat, males tend to be larger and more laid back as adults. Females tend to be a bit smaller and more discriminating in their choices.

Why should I buy a purebred cat instead of rescuing one from the pound?

feb002 009There are several reasons. The most important is that these cats have been selectively bred for generations to be loving companions and friends. When buying a cat you should have a health guarantee. Purebreds are less likely to suffer from degenerative genetic diseases down the road.

When adopting, there is no knowing where the cat came from. The early experiences of a kitten during its socialization period (from 5-11 weeks) have a profound impact on the rest of its life. It is very important that the kitten is not frightened or abused in this period or he can remain that way for the rest of its life. By purchasing a kitten that has been raised properly and carefully in a structured environment, you are ensuring a solid foundation for the purrfect family pet!