About Us

minksandkids 027Bob and I are the parents of four beautiful children: Tyler, Anna, Liam, and George.

We live in a rambling farmhouse west of Chicago with our two horses, two dogs, two turtles, a chicken, and our cats. I have been a veterinarian since 1993, working during the daytime at small animal clinics and an emergency hospital.

I currently work as a locum veterinarian so that I can stay home and raise my babies. I have been a Ragdoll Cat breeder since 1994. I raise my kids and kittens with love!


I use my unique combination of veterinary and breeding experience to help other breeders whenever possible. In 2015, I gave a continuing education lecture for Ragdoll Congress Judges (right).

galaxy 300I breed Ragdolls because I love the breed, and kittens make people happy. About 99% of the time I love it, and it’s so wonderful to see the kittens grow into beautiful, cherished cats.

There are, of course, times when things don’t go as I had hoped, as not every baby nor home is perfect; however, I do my best to address the issue.

I’ve been breeding for a long time and I can honestly say I’ve seen and heard just about everything.

Thank you for visiting!

Dr. Jennifer Creed